Baffling Facts About Apple

  • The first Apple logo featured Isaac Newton.
  • The name “iPod” was inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Apple makes their employees work on fake projects until they can be trusted.
  • John Ive sticks to the same shirt during every Apple technology introduction.
  • Products by Apple don’t have a direct off switch because Steve Jobs was afraid of death.
  • Apple could afford to buy everyone in the United Sates an iPod and still have money left over.
  • Currently, Apple has more money than the U.S. government.
  • An Apple engineer recreated a thousand- year- old computer using Legos

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Tech Fact #115          

Tech Fact #115                                                                                                      – The technology contained in a single game boy unit in 2000 exceeds all the computing power that was used to put the first man on moon in 1969.

Tech Fashion: Wear it like Iron Man!

Iron Man helping out a few wayward passenger. Courtesy Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures   The recent release of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 amazed millions of people worldwide with its jaw- dropping effects and a whopping 42 new suits of armor for Tony Stark. However, the questions that people have been interested in are “Is this technology actually possible?”, and if so how much would it be in value? After research, I concluded that an Iron Man suit has about everything one needs for its use, like a Swiss army knife. Some components include:

  • Gold-titanium exoskeleton suit: This is the latest in Stark’s ever-evolving exoskeleton technology, which helps him repel bullets, missiles, and the rough effects of g-force on the human body. Cost: $15 million.
  • Helmet with projected holographic HUD (heads-up display), which includes his HAL-like artificial intelligence butler JARVIS (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System). Cost: $55 million.
  • Arc reactor nuclear power source. This clean nuclear power source protects Stark’s heart from the shrapnel in his chest that he earned during the first Iron Man, while a prisoner in Afghanistan. Cost: $36 million.
  • Brain-controlled armor: Stark built the Mark 42 using nanotechnology, which allows his suit to assemble around him, piece by piece, via a remote synaptic link. Like Magneto calling all available metal to his hand, Stark can gather the various pieces of his armor to his body using his brain. Cost: Unknown.
  • Repulsor jet packs: One of the coolest parts of Iron Man’s suit is, of course, his jet boots. He also has jets built into the palms of his hands, which he uses to stabilize himself, something he has to do an awful lot. $13.8 million.
  • Shoulder-mounted anti-personnel guns and forearm-mounted anti-tank missile launchers: Well the man does need firepower. His shoulder-mounted guns and forearm-mounted missiles are controlled via his helmet, and the missiles are, of course, heat-seeking. $1.9 million.

Conclusion: It’s a good thing that Tony Stark is a millionaire.

-Information from Google and The Credits.

Tech Fact #864          

Tech Fact #864                                                                                            – Peter Norton of the fabled Norton anti-virus program once said that there was no such thing as a computer virus and considered the whole idea some sort of hoax.

The structure of HIV has been cracked with GPU simulations!

HIV Capsid

   Recent papers throughout this week have demonstrated how researchers formulated  the entire molecular structure of the HIV virus’ protein shell. This remarkable achievement was made due to GPU- based simulations, a method of demonstrating distributed behavioral models. Now, GPU’s have a major franchise and reputation in molecular simulation. Most importantly, a new  therapeutic approach will be taken towards AIDs and how to cure the devastating illness. Scientists were able to photograph the microscopic viruses by placing them near electrons. However, the electron microscopy was still limited. X- ray vision was used to discover the structure of proteins that make up the virus.

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The Six Epochs of Evolution

One day, man and machine will be one! What do you think about this?

Tech Fact #247          

Tech Fact #247                                                                                             – Intel’s first microprocessor was the 4004. It was designed for a calculator, nobody imagined where it would lead.

The secrets of Microsoft Corporation!

       It is known by many people that the success story of the Microsoft company began with two friends in a college dorm room. Interestingly enough, luck, money, or personal connections never caused Bill Gates’ success. The company was mainly built by the management style and core strength of the man. Nevertheless, this dominating company has some secrets to share, just like any other. For example, it was noted that Gates bet Microsoft against all odds during several occasions in the 1990s. The principle of “betting the company” is even institutionalized within Microsoft management. It was also noted that the company’s workers are encouraged pursue success without fear of failure. Managers are always qualified by the employees, their job being to enforce stubborn and thorough performance. However, occasional pranks and games are common during a work day. The industries mostly have work hard, play hard atmospheres. Most importantly, though workers have to function under the company’s orders and keep in their mind the phrase “Bill is watching.” His decisions are generally the correct ones for the strategic direction of the company.

Tech Fact #693          

Tech Fact #693                                                                                                –The world’s first one gigabyte disk drive was announced in 1980. It weighed 550 pounds and had a price tag of $40,000.

Wearable computing has arrived! Are you ready?

Rumored future computing device.

The world of wearable technology that is commercially available is right around the corner. Dominating companies in this domain have agreed upon the fact that the future of computers is definitely wearable and may be even fashionable. Corporations such as Google and Apple are still in a major dispute over what kind of technology consumers would actually want to wear. Google representatives demonstrated the power of Google Glass, a futuristic- looking device allowing users to execute advanced computer commands from a pair of high- tech glasses. However, Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive is trying to think of a new revolution before competitors of the company do. He states, “There are lots of gadgets in this space right now, but there’s nothing great out there.” and that the space is “ripe for exploration.”

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-Information from the New York Times.