Gadget Catalog

– A list of new must- have devices. Click on the gadget to view it on Amazon or Ebay.

A new gizmo that you can wear 24/7. It tracks your sleep, steps, calories, pace, distance, and wakes you up. Connectivity to smartphones and computers is available to monitor your body’s changes.

A nice key-chain that allows you to find your keys with your phone. Also, you can find your phone with your keys.

An awesome way to wake yourself up and get your adrenaline running in the morning.

An ultra- slim and durable solar- powered charger for your smartphone. You will never go back to wired charging again!

A portable projector that can be used anywhere.

Why wait for the rumored Apple iWatch when this new device, which was made in Japan has all the same features. The watch is an unlocked phone, camera, and MP3 player all in one.

Special electric sockets that allow you to set how much time the electricity should be used. Thus, a lot of energy is saved because the amount of electric power is moderated.

Motorized shoes for you to wear! You will do your walking on the fast lane.

iphone lens

A camera lens for your iPhone. Now you can take breathtaking and professional photos straight from your Apple device.

This fun and easy to use device is an LED car sign that allows you to display images and text to other drivers. A remote is also provided to show turn signals.

Awesome gadget

A mini arcade system that works straight from your Apple iPad. Play all the retro games on this device.

A new holographic keyboard for your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. You can now type on any surface.

-More gadgets will be posted soon!


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