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Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

I would like to thank everyone for viewing my blog! Thanks for all the positive comments and likes! This blog would not have even made it this far without its viewers. Let’s hope for all the best in the future of TechnoGeek+. Thanks so much you guys!!! Remember to always release your inner TechnoGeek, your knowledge and talents! Also, HAPPY B- DAY TO ME!!!
-Fred (Sorry if its short, wrote this on my iPad.)


More About Wearable Electronics: Google Glass

– My previous article on this subject:

   Since Google unveiled the first Glass concept last May, It has become the most popular and innovating device in the history of wearable computing. More and more people are aiming to purchase this new product as soon as possible. The invention received the most publicity among consumers when the first marriage proposal was made with the device. Even though the invention will not be available to the general public till about 2014, an uproar has already began from various media sources. Representatives from Google recently stated that one is able to download hundreds, soon thousands of apps and view them using voice commands with the sleek device. As many of you believe, the Glass will create a large impact on technology as we know it very soon.

Tech Fact #718          

Tech Fact #718                                                                                              -About 39,000 gallons of water are used to produce the average car.

Future Tech Predictions 2020

Another video of tech predictions and future devices. What do you guys think about this?

Tech Fact #592          

Tech Fact #592                                                                                               -Originally, Nintendo was a playing card manufacturer and BMW was an airplane engine manufacturer.

Robotics: The Next Generation


   It has been known for a while now that great advancements in the world of robotics are escalating very quickly. Modern robots built by scientists can perform advanced actions such as listening, showing emotion, etc. However, all of this may soon be very simple because of a new robotic feature that overrules all the others. A team from the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a new “skin” for robotic arms. The electric arm is able to navigate its way through a path without bumping into anything in its way. Researchers in the institute also programmed the bionic arm to respond as a person would to objects that it encounters. For example, an object with a cold or hot temperature would cause the joint to jerk back. The hand is also able to identify the texture of an object by feeling it. This is clearly a major progression from previous robots and a a huge step for the study of robotics. Read More…

Tech images for you to steal!

-These are cool technology photos that will blow your mind! A new post will be made weekly!

An image of how Kansas looks from a space satellite based on irrigation systems.

Disco-ball people!!!

A skyscraper tree house built by architects in the Catskill Mountains.

A sneak- peek of a future car released by Lamborghini.

New USB iPad connector for typewriters.
Tech Level: BOSS

A cool- looking technological utopia.

Leaked Future of iPhones

Leaked Future of iPhones

Apple has released some new leaked photos of future iPhone concepts. Is there creativity left in the corporation? What do you think?

Tech Fact #438                                                                                                                          –       -There are approximately 1,319,872,109 people

Tech Fact #438                                                                                                                          –       -There are approximately 1,319,872,109 people on the Internet right now.

The Blackberry Z10

The Blackberry Z10

The new Blackberry Z10 has definitely been a huge accomplishment for its company which was slowly going out of business. What do you think of this new phone? Is it going to be popular for consumers during the next few months? Has anyone bought it and got their opinion about it? You are free to comment! (POSITIVELY!)