Robotics: The Next Generation


   It has been known for a while now that great advancements in the world of robotics are escalating very quickly. Modern robots built by scientists can perform advanced actions such as listening, showing emotion, etc. However, all of this may soon be very simple because of a new robotic feature that overrules all the others. A team from the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a new “skin” for robotic arms. The electric arm is able to navigate its way through a path without bumping into anything in its way. Researchers in the institute also programmed the bionic arm to respond as a person would to objects that it encounters. For example, an object with a cold or hot temperature would cause the joint to jerk back. The hand is also able to identify the texture of an object by feeling it. This is clearly a major progression from previous robots and a a huge step for the study of robotics.To achieve the design of this advanced technology, hundreds of individual sensors were used to allow the arm to navigate freely. Due to the electronic skin, the arm quickly traveled through spaces using its sense of touch to immediately identify its surroundings. In addition to this, the robot calculated the most appropriate course of movement for it to travel by. This command was executed every time because of the algorithms that the hand was made with. This innovation in robotics has amazed many people already and more experiments are being conducted to demonstrate the importance of such technology. Charlie Kemp, a scientist at the university states, “We are attempting to create a new foundation for robot manipulation that encourages contact between the robot’s arm and the world.”


One response to “Robotics: The Next Generation”

  1. letsgolin says :

    wow I want a robot like that! ;D

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