Tech images for you to steal!

-These are cool technology photos that will blow your mind! A new post will be made weekly!

An image of how Kansas looks from a space satellite based on irrigation systems.

Disco-ball people!!!

A skyscraper tree house built by architects in the Catskill Mountains.

A sneak- peek of a future car released by Lamborghini.

New USB iPad connector for typewriters.
Tech Level: BOSS

A cool- looking technological utopia.


9 responses to “Tech images for you to steal!”

  1. Lambo Lover says :

    Best Lambo ever!!!!! wont be that aerodynamic…

  2. Ethan says :

    Cool, dude.

  3. Claire O. says :

    I guess I wil steal some images! 😀 Great job on finding such!

  4. Ethan says :

    wow, dude

  5. says :


  6. fredmin01 says :

    Thanks everyone! More cool images will be posted next week!

  7. says :

    yay more cool pics! 😉

  8. Rachael says :

    I like the facts!

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