Leaked Future of iPhones

Leaked Future of iPhones

Apple has released some new leaked photos of future iPhone concepts. Is there creativity left in the corporation? What do you think?


3 responses to “Leaked Future of iPhones”

  1. Lindsey Tourgeman says :

    Apple can`t think of a single thing. Most of their upgrades are either stuff that people don`t like, need, or want, then it just stays on the device, “collecting dust”, and taking up space, or doesn`t make much of an upgrade at all! They come out with new devices too often, which, yes, it makes people buy more items, but it also makes more people not want to buy any items at all! It seems as if every time someone in Apple Studios (or whatever it`s called) comes up with an idea, good or bad, Apple has to come out with a new iPhone for just that! Think about it; the iPhone 4S came out just a few months after the iPhone 4. And what was the difference: Siri. I mean seriously, that was the ONLY difference between the two! They need to space out their items more so that more people will buy them.

  2. Claire O. says :

    I hope our iPhones are like that! 😀

  3. Lindsey Tourgeman says :

    Yeah, right. Apple tries too hard and comes up with nothing new anyway in the long run, so get yourselves over it. Unless the iPhone 6 is the best thing in the world, I will keep my word.

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