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Structures built over the following 2 decades by an atom- by- atom basis.


Today, nanotechnology is among the fastest growing areas of science and technology, with exponential progress being made. Just some of the recent breakthroughs have included:

 The first integrated circuits using three-dimensional carbon nanotubes. These could be vital in maintaining the growth of computer power, allowing Moore’s Law to continue.

 Solar panels with greater efficiency through the use of nanotechnology materials.

 Water purification bottles, with filters only 15 nanometres in width, allowing military personnel and also civilians hit by disasters to create safe drinking water (even if that water comes from a filthy source).

 Military equipment made lighter and stronger through the use of nanomaterial composites.

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Is it possible to break the law with math?

Prime number

The illegal digit!

Recently, the U.S. government began to ban certain numbers from society, making them illegal. Usage of these digits on a device capable of computing is now punishable by law. This shocked the public and the declaration was being resented. However, these numerical encodings were proven to cause malfunctioning of computer systems and the ability to hack them. Many jurisdictions have ruled that any illegal string of code, image, or other data set that is shown as a number makes the digit illegal. This is because piracy and other unruly crimes can be caused by using media. The most famous example of an illegal number happened in 2001. This was when a binary representation of a prime number was created to correspond with a computer system’s codes.

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